If you want to try out the examples here yourself, you can use the same setup I’ve got locally running on my machine:

  1. Install Minishift
  2. Install oc
  3. Run minishift start
  4. Log in using oc login -u system:admin with password admin
  5. Create a symlink from oc like so: ln -s oc kubectl

All examples have been carried out with the following version, that is, oc 1.4.1 and Minishift 1.0.0-rc.1 (i.e., Kubernetes 1.5):

$ minishift version
Minishift version: 1.0.0-rc.1

$ kubectl version
Client Version: version.Info{Major:"1", Minor:"4", GitVersion:"v1.4.0+776c994", GitCommit:"a9e9cf3", GitTreeState:"clean", BuildDate:"2017-01-24T15:12:46Z", GoVersion:"go1.7.4", Compiler:"gc", Platform:"darwin/amd64"}
Server Version: version.Info{Major:"1", Minor:"5", GitVersion:"v1.5.2+43a9be4", GitCommit:"43a9be4", GitTreeState:"clean", BuildDate:"2017-03-09T19:51:29Z", GoVersion:"go1.7.4", Compiler:"gc", Platform:"linux/amd64"}