If you want to try out the examples here yourself, you can use the same setup I’ve got locally running on my machine:

  1. Install Minishift
  2. Run minishift start
  3. Configure OpenShift Client binary (oc) by running eval $(minishift oc-env)
  4. Log in using oc login -u system:admin with password admin
  5. Create a symlink from oc like so: ln -s $(which oc) /usr/local/bin/kubectl

All examples have been carried out with Minishift version v1.32.0:

$ minishift version
minishift v1.32.0+009893b

$ kubectl version --short
Client Version: v1.12.2
Server Version: v1.11.0+d4cacc0

Alternatively, you can try out the Developer Preview of OpenShift 4 using the examples here.